About us

Our core team consists of German people who have emigrated from the stress of everyday life in Germany to Central France. We feel at home here where you can still find peace and quiet, nature without pesticides, campfires and interesting conversations. We plant a lot ourselves and instead of always wanting more, we focus on our roots.
 We speak the following languages: German, English, Spanish and a little bit of French.  During the high season, we also have an amazing helper on site who speaks Dutch and French.


Martin is the owner and the heart of the campsite. With his countless talents, he is active in almost all areas, but his favourite activity is clearly crafting. Martin is very sociable and loves to philosophise around the campfire.


Jana is Martin's partner and is responsible for bookings and the presentation of the campsite to the outside world. She organises the smooth running of all processes.

Arthur & Arko

Arthur came as a guest and stayed as a friend. :)
He is a calm and peaceful fellow who likes to work with his hands. He loves dogs and brought his puppy Arko with him.


Marion is the good soul of the place, as she creates a pleasant atmosphere with her balancing nature. :) She takes care of the bookings and the vegetable garden.

Temporary helpers

Leonieke and Praline

Leonieke is from the Netherlands and spreads a lot of positive energy. She is always ready to help and we are very grateful for her and her warm-hearted nature. 

Esther and David

Esther and David are a German - Austrian couple who live close by. They help us with their great knowledge about permaculture, herbs and always give us a hand when needed.
Thank you so much!