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What activities are there to do? Very many and very few!
First of all: we do not offer any entertainment. Occasionally parents or children organize something spontaneously, like a jeu-de-boules contest, football match, treasure hunt. Where we can, we help by providing material e.g.

Being utterly lazy and hang about reading near the tent or caravan is of course always a possibility.
Taking a stroll from the campsite to the pond to go for a relaxing swim or some fishing is very enjoyable as well; there are people who hardly leave the campsite, only to do some shopping...

But for the more active tourist, here are some suggestions:

There are lots of insects and reptiles to be observed, wonderful butterflies, extraordinary caterpillars, lizards, salamanders, grasshoppers, crickets and many, many birds. Bird spotters are very happy staying here; the list of spotted birds being very long. (The Etang des Landes is a bird sanctuary at about 25 km distance).

From the campsite there are many walks to be done; most of them on simple tracks, also suitable for small children (the Wild Walk takes you out on a well-worn tractor trail underneath hanging branches, past the old granite slab where only 2 generations ago the washing was done by hand bending down in the stream, where you have to cross the water but where there is no bridge, through a hazardous hollow lane, steep with lots of boulders, to arrive in the next village where you can see the campsite looking back). We have a number of maps at your disposal for walks at greater distance (there are dolmens and menhirs to be seen e.g.)

Because there is so little traffic, cycling is fantastic in the Creuse; there are also various mountain bike trails.
We have a multitude of leaflets presenting castles, gardens, lovely old little churches, chapels and interesting villages. The tourist map shows you the weekly markets in the area. The restaurant at the riverside not far away is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy a good meal as a family.

The wolf park in the Forêt de Chabrières, the big forest south of Guéret, is certainly worthwhile, particularly when you know that they are fed around 4 o'clock in the afternoon!
In the same forest there is also the great labyrinth for when you feel like getting lost... open at night as well!

There are 3 tree climbing parks in the Creuse; the one at the Pierres Jaumâtres is the nearest and has also a circuit for small children (and trampolines!)

The Pierres Jaumâtres themselves are enormous granite boulders set in a forest, vestiges of glacial times. A nice picnic and play ground.
From the free watchtower in nearby Toulx Sainte Croix the view towards the Puy de Dôme is magnificent.

Swimming, fishing, boating, windsurfing can be done on the Lac de Vassivière, but nearer on the Plan d'Eau de la Courtille (an artificial lake south of Guéret); every summer there are play objects in and out of the water for children in all age groups.
In the river Creuse there are 3 large reservoirs, Les Trois Lacs, where swimming is gorgeous and canoes can be hired.

In Gouzon people can play tennis or golf (18 holes).

All along the summer there are numerous larger and smaller flea markets/brocantes to be enjoyed! Often children find something to their liking as well. Regularly there are street festivals with dance and music.

Horse riding, pony trekking, walking with a donkey or a lama, it is all possible; you can also go for a ballade from the campsite with Surprise, a giant Breton workhorse that takes the whole family on a tour through the countryside in a comfortable carriage!

There is a lot more to be discovered in the Creuse, nothing very spectacular, but all very authentic and far away from busy tourist attractions where you waste a lot of time queuing...