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March 1993 we, Alastair and Iris with our Lily- than only just 2 years old-, dared to take the big step of selling our home in the Netherlands and start a smallholding with campsite in the middle of France. The first years were very exciting! It was of course utterly unsure if we were going to make it or not. We found ourselves on the edge of the miniscule little village La Semnadisse, in a very much neglected farm from 1874 that needed to be renovated completely. The fields had not been taken care of for over 14 years...
Enough to be done that was obvious! We worked as hard as we could: even before our own bathroom was functioning, we finished the sanitary bloc for the campsite.

The summer of the same year we received our first guests (of which some still come!). We bought a couple of old touring caravans which we rented out after thorough refurbishment, settling them on the prettiest places of our land. Enough beautiful spacious places left for people camping with their own tents.

After a few years we knew this was going to work! The wonderful nature here in the Creuse, the incredible quietness and space all around, the combination of pleasant contact with other people and yet as much privacy as one could wish for, may be also because of the fact that we are permanently on site, therefor assuring people that they can count on us if need be, all of that together appeared (and appears) to be a very good formula!
It has been a long time since we had to worry about getting fully booked in summer season; where we started with a mini campsite of 6 places, we are now an official one-star-campsite with 30, without having spoiled the rural and personal atmosphere.

In 2007 we completely renewed the electricity network from the campsite to create more connection points for campers, adapted the sanitary unit behind the bar been for people with reduced mobility and restyled the whole bar area.

In the meantime all the old caravans have long ago been replaced and Alastair built for all the new mobile homes a wooden structure with metal roof so they are pleasantly disguised now as wooden chalets, each with its own spacious veranda of at least 7 meters long instead of the classic awnings .The structure gets a totally different character that seems to please our clientele a lot.

We are never finished, there is always something to do, but we have never regretted our choice and till this very day we still continue to enjoy the lovely Creuse!