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La Creuse - nature at its best
In the very heart of France lies the department the Creuse, a beautiful nature area that is hardly known and therefor doesn't yet know mass tourism. In the north the region is hilly, towards the south gradually higher, but everywhere amazingly green. Lots of smaller and bigger ponds, lakes and streams are to be found and along almost every field the original wood hedges are still intact, habitat to an enormous variety of birds and plants.
Among lots of others the kingfisher, screech and barn owl, the hoopoe with its beautiful crest and the tree frog are to be spotted. In spring wild orchids and hyacinths are flowering.
But characteristic for the Creuse is above all the unknown quietness that reigns here. On the many dirt tracks and the tarmac roads there is hardly any traffic; to be able to go for a stroll at leisure, a more serious hike or a bicycle ride completely undisturbed is a fantastic experience.